AirportLounge2At btrfly, in addition to building a great community of frequent flyers, we also like to contribute to their well-being. We’re constantly working on ways to improve the life of travelers and make their journey more enjoyable.

An important problem for most frequent flyers is access to good, fresh and healthy food. Airplane food is notoriously bad (nothing new here). In the past we’ve written about what to eat and what to avoid on the plane. This subject is also widely covered by most travel and health experts. Advice is easy to find however it’s hard to put it in practice. Realistically most frequent flyers don’t have time to look for healthy restaurants in airports and they don’t carry food with them. They’re often passing through the airport with limited time and choosing convenience over quality.

Salmon 2An average traveler will consume 3000 calories per flight between snacks, meals and drinks at the airport and on the flight. We would like to make sure they eat healthy and don’t have to compromise their diet. Our innovation lounge is built with this purpose in mind, offering fresh and healthy alternatives to frequent flyers in the most convenient way. We’re soon opening our first innovation lounge in Istanbul with great partners. It will be full of surprises, stay tuned…

Innovation Lounges