Ander Michelena and Jon Uriarte were both working at Morgan Stanley in London. However they met for the first time in an airport in 2010, shortly before taking the same flight to London.

“We started talking and realised that apart from working at the same company, we also shared many things in common: we both loved football and supported the same team, Athletic Bilbao. Soon enough we became friends and realised that we also shared a common thirst for entrepreneurship. We spent a lot of time going over different business ideas and eventually decided to take the big leap and start our own company.”

They created Ticketbis, an online platform where users can buy or sell tickets for any type of event worldwide. If someone has a ticket to an event which they cannot attend, they are able to sell the ticket though Ticketbis and make back the money they would have otherwise lost. Likewise, a user who missed out on buying tickets for a sold-out event gets the opportunity to get tickets The company grew over time and today operates in more than 40 countries, with 300 staff across 14 offices, with headquarters in Madrid and Bilbao, Spain.

In May 2016 Ebay acquired Ticketbis for $165 million. Ander and Jon were lucky to meet each other that day in 2010. We at btrfly believe the opportunity is too real and too valuable to leave it to coincidence. Simply login and see who’s traveling with you.

Air travel is an excellent opportunity for business networking, here is proof.