EURO 2016 is finally here! Below you’ll find tips on how to travel and enjoy the event or…avoid if you’re not a fan


If you’re among those lucky travelers on their way to watch their teams play live, you can connect with your fellow supporters in the Fan Zone we have created in each hosting city. Use btrfly to connect with people flying for the same match and supporting the same team.  Make your trip even better by checking out tips shared by other users on btrfly.




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Big sporting events are exciting but can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are a few tips that will help you ensure your trip is fun and stress free.

  • Updates on worker strikes: Don’t become a hostage of a dispute that has nothing to do with you. Avoid Air France, Air France pilots have announced plans to strike on Saturday 11th, the second day of the Euro 2016 competition, in a dispute over pay cuts. Avoid Air France. The CGT has called for a rolling strike, and the SUD, whose members work on the Paris transport system, has asked its workers to begin similar open-ended action on 10 June, the first day of Euro 2016. Most disruption is expected on 14 June, when the unions have called for a national day of industrial action. Fans travelling to matches are advised to allow more time. Since 2007, rail workers have been required to give 48 hours’ notice of their intention to go on strike and assure a minimum service, so the rail system will be available for use. You can check the updates on the strikes on this website, which is, unfortunately, only available in French:
  • Avoid business trips to hosting cities, find the match schedules by venue on UEFA website on this link
  • Travel & security updates, increased security measures and expected delays at airports. We monitor twitter feeds of airports regularly update btrfly. President Hollande acknowledged a heightened threat of terrorism during the soccer tournament but said France was taking all possible measures to keep fans safe. Planned fan zones with large match screenings will be open to the public with the biggest fan zone next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Some security officials and commentators have warned that the fan enclosures and queues to enter them could be targets for potential attackers, further stretching the resources of police and security firms in charge of protection. Please be vigilant. During the games we will monitor airport twitter accounts and post relevant updates on btrfly to keep you all in the know.









EURO2016 is here! Use btrfly if you’re traveling for the event
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