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btrfly provides an innovative airport lounge experience

Connect with the global travel community.

Enjoy benefits and privileges at the airport.

Easy to Check-in

Easy to Access

Simply input your flight information
or choose your airport

Network with other travellers

See who’s at the airport, make new connections and turn idle airport time into opportunities.

Meet Travellers
Share a Cab

Your new favourite airport lounge is at the palm of your hand

Simply choose from the menu and access your benefits and privileges.

Smart Lounge Partners
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  • Because btrfly rewards you and connects you with other travellers. It is a little like having your own private airport lounge in the palm of your hand. Btrfly will turn your routine airport visit into an exciting trip by providing benefits, privileges and great networking opportunities.

  • By simply downloading the app and entering your flight number you can discover deals and offers. Additional benefits and privileges are also provided by our partners to their clients.

  • A community of cool travellers, healthy meal offers, drinks and other benefits.

  • Btrfly needs to access your location to remind you when you’re in an airport covered by btrfly and tell you deals and offers we have at that airport. Location services also allow us to show you profiles of other travellers in the airport. We understand the importance of privacy, and we will not share or store your location history.

  • You can find your flight number on the confirmation email sent to you by your airline or on your boarding pass. Alternatively you can simply choose an airport.

  • btrfly works and aims to create a social platform in 380 airports around the world.

  • You definitely can. You may simply join the Global chat where you can interact with users from all over the world.

  • It is our digital lounge service available in Istanbul Ataturk Airport. We offer Garanti Bank clients benefits at Carluccio’s restaurant at the airport.

  • Fire away to contact@btrfly.net

  • Yes, and we appreciate your contributions. If you have helpful tips or know a particular location very well, we invite you to share your knowledge with fellow travellers. You may also send your tips or comments about the app to contact@btrfly.net – we look forward to hearing from you!

btrfly started with the aim of ending travel boredom.

Like most people, we were tired of sitting around lifeless airport terminals, watching the seconds tick past before and during each flight. We wanted to transform air travel into a valuable opportunity to make new friends and business contacts.

We built btrfly to connect with those who feel the same way – and it’s grown into a new airport lounge experience where travellers can truly make them most of their travel time and companies reach their clients by providing benefits and privileges.